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The scientific method of presenting the text of scientific information. The scientific article or prepared research papers - the result of scientific research. It is the intellectual product, which refers to research activities. From the quality of the scientific text may depend  the fate of the research, its perception of the effect of this research on the development of science. Hence two of the most important features that arise from such a thing as scientific texts are predeterminated: presentation of the contents of scientific research and its presentation. If the first function requires an accurate representation of the text of the study, all its components - from problem definition to the results of their decision, the second feature of the text provides some appeal to people that might be interested in them.

All scientific texts are divided on the statement and the statement of the argument in the text is dominated by connecting (statement) and spacer ( disjunctive ) bundles in the text - argument - conventional ( implicative ). Text contains a statement of the result of familiarization with the subject of thought, captures the certainty of anything, says the reality of something that was realized or implemented, is actually happening.

Scientific texts - arguments are characterized by the fact that the text of one mind arise from other thoughts, some are called into question, given their evaluation, put forward suggestions. Furthermore, primary and secondary scientific texts are defined too. These gives rise to characteristic of primary texts. These include reviews, critical essays, reviews, abstracts.

Research paper (articles) is a type of publications, which filed the scientific results obtained by the author. Usually, the terminology of scientific articles understand a small amount of a special publication that displays the author's views. Feature of a scientific article is that it is the most current information about the movement of science, advocates a kind of reportage " from the front edge " of science.

On the content research articles are classified into (научные статьи):

- The actual scientific articles (main results of work);

- Scientific and popular articles (using the readership of which may be non-professional).

      An indication of scientific articles is the availability of semantic information;

- Scientific and educational, scientific and methodological research articles (containing a practical exposition of the laws, of the objects and methods of their application in practice);

- Scientific and journalistic research papers ( focus on topical issues for the scientific community.)

Research papers  are assigned to scientists, specialists particular industry or several industries.

According to the number of authors of scientific articles of the sole (single author) or collective (group of authors).

As  the branch destination  scientific articles  are linguistic, literary, pedagogical, psychological, historical, etc.

According to the instructions  they are the scientific - research papers, theoretical and applied.

By the method of disclosure of scientific articles split into sightseeing , and a methodological problem . Survey Research paper include a characterization of the status and prospects of research in one or the other branch of the subject . In problematic analysis of scientific articles is a problem that has not been fully explained . Methodological articles serve justification methodology solve the problem.

Preparation of a scientific article covers the following stages:

The wording of the tentative title of the article:

1) The title should be concise and unambiguous;

2 ) the title should focus the reader on the subject of the study.

Also, it is important to define the boundaries and scope of topics of scientific information presented in a scientific paper.

Developing of the indicative plan (content) of a scientific article: introduction, body, conclusion, the prospects for research.

Contouring in the introduction of content:

formulation of the problem, determine its relevance and scientific and practical significance;

analysis of recent research and publications in which the beginning of solving a particular problem and relied upon by the author;

violation of the unsolved issues addressed in the article;

formulation of the objectives and tasks of the article.

Determination of methods of research, literary base, preparing key messages - responses to the task.

 The text of a scientific article should rely on principles of " from the known to the unknown ", " from simple to complex ."

Checking consistency between the title, the purpose, tasks and outputs. It is important argument in a scientific paper on the prospects of the following developments in this matter.

Conducting self- controlling of  scientific article on the semantic, logical, linguistic-stylistic levels. Checking the text of the article on the line: - the current regulations spellings - the requirements of the scientific style - design of citations and references.

Making a list of sources used by current standards (научные статьи).

 We classify scientific articles on the following form. This classification is based on the papers that have been made previously by experts of  «OSVITA-SERVIS» for students of KNEU, KNTEU, Shevchenko, Drahomanova,  NUFT, IAPM, KPU, KUIR, KROK, NAM and other institutes of higher education in Ukraine and abroad.

Scientific articles towards the problem

(problem, methodology, solving a specific problem of the article)

2. Scientific articles on what's new

        (innovative, educational articles)

3. Scientific articles on the role of certification website

(special articles, ordinary paper)

Specialists of «OSVITA-SERVIS» can be written to show you the stories of different types and themes.

  - Scientific articles on the economy;

  - Article on the law;

  -research articles on computer science and information security;

  - Scientific articles in psychology, etc.




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